What Happens When Infidelity And Mental Illness Collide?

Infidelity will have long-term effects on your relationship. For those who suffer from a mental illness, the effects can be even more devastating than usual. To discover the person you loved and counted on was having an affair behind your back is earth-shattering. Now, what happens if you suffer from depression, anxiety, PTSD, or some […]

Emotional Affair: Is Emotional Infidelity Worse Than Cheating?

How would you feel if you found out that your spouse had maintained a 20-year-long connection with someone they had dated in high school? Even though they never had sex, you may be shocked by how much an emotional affair can hurt. Emotional affairs, also known as emotional infidelity or emotional cheating, are worse than […]

How Hard Is It To Rebuild a Marriage After Infidelity?

Infidelity hits couples differently. One morning everything feels perfect; the next you discover that your spouse has been having an affair behind your back. You think, “This wasn’t supposed to happen to me. We’re not supposed to be like this.” Affairs are hard to accept when you have been betrayed. For those who had the […]

Is Mentally Cheating Equally As Bad As Physically Cheating?

Many people think that cheating is black and white. Either you physically cheat or you don’t. However, cheating is complicated these days. Beyond having sex with someone who isn’t your partner, there are many other boundaries to cross. Even if you do not physically touch someone else who isn’t your partner or spouse, you can […]

Is There A Link Between Depression and Infidelity?

When you have depression, you may be compelled to behave in ways others do not fully grasp. You may want to spend days in bed most of the time and then suddenly have the urge to go partying. Sometimes, depression can even cause self-destructive behaviors, including substance and alcohol abuse or cheating on your significant […]

Couples Academy Most Frequently-Asked Questions about Infidelity

Couples Academy is a relationship-based learning institute committed to placing couples on the path to fulfillment. There is a lot to uncover, but you can start with 40 of our most frequently asked questions from people all over the world. Get in touch with us to learn more about our services today.  

7 Ways To Strengthen A Marriage And Avoid Divorce

There was probably a time when you and your spouse were on cloud nine, unable to see a day in the near future when your differences and grievances would cause a fight. Relationships take work, however, and reality can take a toll on your labor in life and love. When things happen, be it work […]

Will The Partner Who Cheated Once Cheat Again?

Will The Partner Who Cheated Once Cheat Again?

Based on convention, you may have been led to believe that those you cheat once are bound to do so again. This also means that if you take a cheater back, you are only setting yourself up for more pain. So why would anyone stay in a relationship like that? Well, leaving is not easy, […]

How To Be Accountable After An Affair

The mistake of an affair is a stain on your relationship. It is unfortunate that you cannot simply apologize and move on. Instead, you have to deal with the guilt that comes from having hurt your partner in such a way. Now it is important to reconcile, but how do you do that? How do […]

How To Show Your Spouse You Love Them After An Affair

Though mistakes happen all the time in relationships, affairs are one of the most challenging to resolve. Now, you have committed that grave mistake—you cheated on your spouse. Having betrayed the trust of your partner, you are now wondering how to rebuild a connection between the two of you. Let it be said that restoring […]